Guide on How to Write a Research Paper Fast

You’ve got a research paper to write, but time is not on your side, and you don’t know how to write fast. Meanwhile, you don’t appreciate giving a professional your assignment to do for you; you’d rather do it yourself. But, with an extremely close deadline, how are you going to finish in time to submit? Considering how strict your professor is with deadlines, you know you have to figure out how to get it done.

Well, it’s a good thing you’re reading this because we will show you how to write a research paper fast. It is possible to write a research paper in a day, but be ready to do extra work.

Quick research turnover: can you write a research paper in a day?

The short answer to this question is yes and no; writing a research paper, this fast depends on several factors. The first is the number of words or pages you need to write and how skillful and fast you are in writing. Another factor is how skillful and fast you are in research; often, the research is what takes up the time in writing. Finally, there’s the complexity of the topic, your research methods, and your organization; all of these influence the writing time.

You can write a five-page-long research paper in a day, depending on those other mentioned factors. It’d generally take ten to forty-eight hours to write a five-page-long essay, but it isn’t that easy. Writing a research paper generally requires a great deal of thinking, researching, outlining, and editing time.

Academic paper timeframe: how long does it take to write a research paper?

The length of time it takes to write a research paper depends on the essay length, complexity, and research needed. For example, an average writer can write a 600-word essay in two hours; it may take five for someone else. Yet, someone else can finish writing the essay in thirty minutes or less. Longer essays will take more extended hours, from a few hours to a day to longer. It generally depends on the writer’s writing skills, the amount of research required, and the technicalities of the writer.

A few factors will affect how long it takes you to write a research paper fast:

  • How much you know about the essay topic you’re about to write,
  • Your instructor’s way with grades: is he strict with them or generous?
  • If the research paper requires an outline, bibliography, or a title page,
  • If the paper only needs your thoughts and opinions or you need to cite authors,
  • The level of research you need to do to write a good paper,
  • Your attitude towards writing an essay: are you a natural, or do you struggle?

Tips on how to write a research paper in a day and get good grades

No matter the complexity of your research paper, you can finish writing it as fast as a day. Below are helpful tips on how to write a research paper quickly:

  1. At the prewriting stage, create a schedule for your paper and put it where you can see it. Then, ensure you stick to the time you’ve allocated to each process, shutting out every form of distraction. Then, brainstorm on the topic with a pen and paper to take notes; ask and answer relevant questions about the topic.
  2. Create an outline for the paper; it defines it and acts as a landmark giving your work direction.
  3. Start researching quickly from the bottom to up – that is, from the most accessible sources to the hardest.
  4. Make an inventory of your research, including the date, site, and information you got.
  5. Sift the information you’ve received and see if there’s any piece of information you can omit.
  6. Check the authenticity of the information you’ve received; use trusted websites.
  7. Draft your essay, starting with the bulk of the work; the introduction summarizes the points, so it can come after.
  8. Let your ideas flow and leave the editing until later; editing as you go takes time.
  9. Cite your sources as you write; it’ll save time in the long run.
  10. Write your essay introduction and conclusion now that all your ideas are down, proofread, edit, and submit!


Writing a research paper quickly is possible if you carefully manage your time and follow the timeline. However, if you’ve got a last minute research paper to write, try following our tips to help you write quickly.

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