3 fascinating facts about guitars

If you are an audiophile and you like rock, blues, or country music, you probably have several favorite guitar players. There are hundreds of thousands of people who play the guitar in their bedroom when they get back home from school and work, so it is among the most popular instruments for individuals who want to learn all by themselves.

If you’d like to know more about guitars, in general, we have put together a short list of interesting facts. Check them out below.

It’s one of the cheapest instruments to get into

Unlike some other kinds of instruments where you’d have to get as much as $1,000 out of your wallet to purchase one, guitars are relatively budget-friendly. An entry-level model can cost as little as fifty dollars, but you need to know that highly affordable models might fail to satisfy you as your skill increases.

Learning about acoustic guitars in the general sense will help you, in the end. You’ll find out more about their structure, the sounds they can create, and how to play them. They are way less expensive compared to electric guitars. Besides, you don’t have to use an amp or try various pedals to get the right sounds. They work all on their own without having to be plugged into anything.

The guitar has been around for centuries

Actually, it’s been around for millennia. There are some archeological studies that have suggested that the first guitar prototype was used approximately 4,000 years ago. Furthermore, in terms of geography, it seems that guitars were present in most areas of the world and that many ancient civilizations had invented them or imitated their design from other populations.

Of course, when we say that the instrument has been around for thousands of years, we’re referring to the acoustic guitar. Obviously, people did not have the convenience of electricity back in the day, which is one of the reasons why the electric guitar was only invented in the 1930s. So, it is a relatively new gimmick compared to its acoustic counterpart.

Some say it’s the easiest musical instrument to learn

This isn’t a fact per se, but we thought we might include some information on the learning curve you’ll have to manage if you want to learn how to play on your own.

The fact is that most budding musicians have major issues with their motivation and productivity, and that’s why they hardly have the patience to wait for several weeks before finally being able to play a tune.

On top of that, not all songs are made equal, just like not all people are attracted to music playing, in general. Technically, you can learn to play several easy songs over the course of several weeks once you’ve mastered the basic techniques of guitar playing. These range from Clocks by Coldplay to Stairway to Heaven by Led Zeppelin and Nothing Else Matters by Metallica.

The point is that your fingers will hardly be flexible in the beginning, and that’s just understandable given that you probably have zero experience when it comes to touching the strings of a guitar.

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